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by Administrator September 27, 2011

ConferenceWorldwide.com is a leading provider of International teleconference services. We developed conferenceworldwide.com, an international conference site, to provide you with simple and easy access to global conferencing services at an inexpensive cost.

ConferenceWorldwide.com has been providing innovative and cost effective telecom solutions to a wide array of businesses and organizations since 2001. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, ConferenceWorldwide.com is dedicated to developing high-quality, user-friendly services built on professionalism, integrity, and innovation.

With an extremely secure network and ability to adapt to today’s growing and changing telecommunications market, ConferenceWorldwide.com has earned a reputation as a leader in the international teleconferencing. We continually utilize the latest advancements in switch technology, enabling us to route domestic and international calls over the highest quality networks, thus offering the clearest, most reliable connections. With over 75,000 ports, we have the capacity to handle over 10 billion minutes annually, allowing us to obtain low rates and pass these savings to our customers.

ConferenceWorldwide.com has extensive back-office support and bi-lingual customer service teams that are available twenty four hours a day. Our commitment to providing the latest technology along with exceptional service helps us continue to provide our clients with excellent teleconferencing experiences.

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